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El académico Diego Rosselli fue entrevistado pàra el artículo del New Scientist, sobre la situación del Covid en Latinoamérica. Ver párrafo.

Like Peru, Colombia acted quickly on the advice of public health specialists, but keeping people inside when they have no financial safety net has been a challenge. Colombia had reported 39,236 cases and 1259 deaths by 8 June, and the trend for both is still upwards, despite long and strict lockdown measures.

At this point, it may not be useful to make comparisons between South American countries and others around the world when it comes to indicators such as testing rates, says Diego Rosselli at Javeriana University in Bogotá, Colombia. “People are comparing the likes of Colombia with Germany and Japan when we are still two months behind them,” he says.

But it is clear that governments must double down on social distancing measures, says Rosselli. “The health system has little to offer,” he says. “Hospitals and intensive care units are for a small minority, firstly, and they are not very effective at dealing with the disease. The problem has to be solved by distancing and a lot of educational measures.”

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